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Constructive Conflict Processing
With Asynchronous Narrative Sensemaking

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Facilitating constructive engagement by (1) de-personalising contrasting perspectives and (2) self-interpretation across cognitive and moral reasoning frameworks 

  • From local or distributed communities narrative sharing, to large-scale conference live polling and mapping.
  • Supporting a generative, compassionate approach to listening and free expression
  • Narrative landscapes supporting sharing and connections between participants with authenticity. 
  • Discourse collapses when parties entrench into certain truth claims. A bold new approach is offered to segment the origins of our truths and invite more nuanced understanding as to both how we are thinking, and why.
  • Signification across the key domains of sensemaking - the Good (moral), the True (rational) and the Beautiful (aesthetics).
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  • Our society is seeking urgently in how to come together in new ways, with the current cognitive dissonance of our cultural, political and governance failings.
  • Support collective decision making (e.g. policy building) integrating competing political views.
  • Enhance social deliberation with large-scale online conversations

Collective-Navigator is an asynchronous narratives facilitation process flow design that:

  1. Names upfront the competing political and power structures (1)

  2. Offers a collective process for selecting the most relevant interpretation signifiers - from libraries of well established cognitive frameworks

  3. Can be run in-person or online with sensemaking platforms (2).


(1) - Making a clear distinction from typical asymmetric survey or feedback 'gathering' processes and platforms

(2) - Recommended from suppliers such as SenseMaker® from or leading narrative survey tools.

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Defining a Dialogical Vision for Sensemaking

"Seeing 'another' (both individuals and collectives) through our highly contextual and dynamic narratives. Sense emerges mutually, through interpretation schema (signifiers) that map our naturally competing interests, preferences and priorities.

Key Features (scroll images to the side)
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Our story
Our Story:
From survey data collection and reporting, to rich conversation platforms

We have been working in NGOs, organisational development and survey research for the past 15+ years, with clients of 100k+ employees. We've lived through the evolution of ethnography, anthropology, survey tools and data analytics, to now leverage the power of narrative based Sensemaking principles. 

Our Vision:
New opportunities in self-reflection and meaning making in discourse

With multi-disciplinary influences from the social and complexity sciences, our vision is a new generation of collective cognition - offering a 'Knowing From Within" through discourse vs the application of linear and supposedly objective "data-driven" based approaches. 

A revolution in integrating qualtitative and quantitative data, to the new frontiers of 'Thick Data'

Our platform uses natural language, multi-media technology with breakthrough techniques for interactive self-interpretation, reflection and signification. Realtime access to a results dashboard tailored to the client provides a democratisation of the data and platform for collective meaning making.

Our Delivery And Research Partners

Previous Narrative and Ritual Dissent Projects (As Human-Equity Ltd)
In organisational development and change

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Global HQ:

Multi-application employee feedback


International college - NL:

360 narratives leadership feedback


Car Leasing Multinational - NL: Change management narratives

Worker's Union - Norway:

Members feedback

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The Performance Theatre - run by Xynteo:

Ritual dissent narratives facilitation

Narratives in Decision Making


Founder narratives and  profiling


Narratives in investment team decision-making


Founder narratives and  profiling


Narratives in investment team decision-making

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