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Are you navigating challenges in the COMPLEX domain? If so, then narratives Sensemaking can provide you with powerful insights and action orientations.
We are a Sensemaking DESIGN consultancy, FACILITATION provider, and SOFTWARE integrator.

Our vision is to evolve from the information age and social media generation, to the Sensemaking age: Thanks to our narrative landscape templates and interactive signification (=self interpretation), the inherent complexity of qualitative human sentiment can leveraged for new levels of social, political and economic collaboration. 
Our specialist applications with template libraries:
  • Local or virtual-distributed team applications
  • Large-scale conference live polling and mapping
  • Investment decision making (narrative economics)
  • Forecasting communities
  • Leadership 360 peer feedback - continuous capture for learning and development
  • Co-worker sentiment/attitudes mapping - engagement, culture and values
  • Journaling and self-learning communities (incl. therapeutic)
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  • Board deliberation - governance narratives
  • Social deliberation - large-scale online conversations
  • Aid projects impact assessment
  • Conflict narratives mediation
Sensemaking As Discourse
  • From local or distributed communities narrative sharing, to large-scale conference live polling and mapping.
  • Supporting a generative, compassionate approach to listening and free expression
  • Narrative landscapes supporting sharing and connections between participants with deeper understanding and authenticity. 
Key Features
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Our story
Our Story:
From survey data collection and reporting, to rich conversation platforms

We have been working in business psychology, HR, organisational development and survey research for the past 15+ years, with clients of 100k+ employees. 


Closed survey-type questions with numerical scales have for years been frustrating employees and participants, as inherently too blunt an instrument to capture the complexities and context of our human interactions and collaboration. 

We've lived through the evolution of survey tools and data analytics, to now leverage the power of narrative based Sensemaking principles. 

Our Vision:
New opportunities in self-reflection and meaning making and collective decision making

We have seen first hand the application of "linear" tools for surveys and analytics to complex human systems. With multi-disciplinary influences from the social and complexity sciences, our vision is a new generation of collective cognition and collaboration thanks to the Sensemaking principles. 

We can chart the evolution of distinct tracks in quantitative data (from survey data to big data), and qualitative data (from focus groups to blogs/social media), to now in integration of both dimensions as 'Warm' or 'Thick Data'. 

Integrating qualitative and quantitative data

Open Questions, Free Format:
Participants express their experiences and perspectives via multiple channels (free text, voice, video).

Developmental Self Interpretation:

The self-interpretation process by the participant (reducing bias) is done through interactive trade-off reflection challenges, designed from our library of frameworks designed from developmental psychology frameworks. 

Social Results Sensemaking:

Realtime access to a results dashboard tailored to the client provides a democratisation of the data and platform for collective meaning making.

Next Generation Social Sensemaking - Virtuous Cycles of Sharing Narratives

Free and spontaneous expression.

We minimise input biases (e.g. how the questions are framed), thanks to our open-ended prompts, and inviting the participants to express their reaction in free text, voice or video

Interactive interpretation and self-reflection

Through progressive steps of word cloud selection, sentence completion, title synthesis, and spatial trade-off prompts.

Real-time collective meaning making

Collective Navigator Purpose Diagram - b

Exploring macro patterns, with direct access to original narratives and context. Access to our interactive dashboards.

How it works
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What is 
What is Develpmental Sensemaking (or Thick Data)?

Previous Narrative Projects (Human-Equity Ltd)
In organisational devel0pment, strategy and impact assessment

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Global HQ

Multi-application employee feedback


International college

Continuous Leadership feedback


Car Leasing Multinational

Change management narratives


Aircraft Interiors Division

Airline's investment strategy narratives

Client References

And narratives in investment decision making


Founder narratives and  profiling


Narratives in investment team decision-making


Founder narratives and  profiling


Narratives in investment team decision-making

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Company Number: 788430569 

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