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Governance And Citizen Engagement...
Our audacious goal

The most valuable dimensions of our organisational and civic lives, are those that we have always struggled to measure.

Our future depends on conscious collective negotiation of those qualities that do not fall under typical metrics such as GDP, stock market indexes or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Our vision is to evolve from the information age and social media generation, to the sensemaking age: Thanks to our narrative landscape templates and interactive signification (=self interpretation), the inherent complexity of qualitative human sentiment can leveraged for new levels of social, political and economic collaboration. 

New ways of collective thinking

Our challenges such as new economics, climate change, global issues, require a step-change in how global society comes together...

Connecting the micro (i.e. hyper personal actions of citizens) to the macro (i.e. global picture) is our hope for a systems change.

"Small is Beautfiul" (as E.F. Schumacher says), AND small can be powerful if coordinated.

In the coordination is where technology can perhaps play a breakthrough role.

Every smartphone in the world is a potential tool for global democracy

Technology is not the only part of the possible new systems...critical ingredients are universal principles for how citizens come together with their differences.

A new system needs to be design for divergence and infinite novelty in how people choose to live their lives.


Yet there are moral, ethical, aesthetic and scientific principles that can be coordinated. 

Can democracy be seen in terms of a collective thinking platform? If so, how might we apply fresh design thinking to its mechanisms and foundations?

Leveraging the huge legacy of thought already developed on this subject. 

Citizen engagement



Narrative Economics

Welcome to the new, complexity sciences approach to economics

New Solutions +

We need a system change...a new level of understanding that progresses from yet integrates the previous systems. 

Developmental sciences (e.g. developmental cognitive psychology) map how human progress as individuals.

We now need to apply that sense of directionality to our human systems  

Striking to force politians and CEOs into action is not going to work 

Our current politians and CEOS don't have the answers, they themselves are bound by constraints of how democracy and capitalism currently works.

They are part of, and constrained by the old system that created the issues.

Our social challenges require supra-national governance

Our challenges such as new economics, climate change, global issues, require a step-change in how global society comes together...

National governments can only provide partial and fragmented solutions.

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