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Platform Features

Collective-Navigator is both an integrator of narrative software components (previous software partners such as SenseMaker® from and open source visualisation modules such as Plotly), and provider of specific design, integration and architecture features. Below is an outline of the areas of both core features, and unique developments concerning the developmental and discourse positioning. 

Zoom Landscapes.jpg

Multiple Channel Narrative Inputs

Overcoming traditional challenges with sensemaking projects in "survey fatigue":

  • Live audio and video transcript inputs from live conversations (from Zoom to conference events).

  • Innovative input environments through 'methodological pluralism' of inviting free expressions of narratives - from art gallery visits to social storytelling 

Dynamic and Intelligent Signification

  • Pre-designed signification libraries

  • Dynamic signifiers funneling (signification options adapted based on previous selections)

  • Developmental signification framework that supports:

    • Cognitive reasoning​

    • Moral reasoning

    • Aesthetic reasoning

Gameified - Developmental Signification.png
Primary Landscape - Hospital.jpg

Emergent Primary Discourse Landscapes

A bottom-up approach to identifying which are the key tensions that are emerging from the narratives - segmented across the rational, moral and aesthetic dimensions.

  • Through the developmental signification frameworks, looking at narratives, not just as static points, but also as arcs or 'lines' (ref. Tim Ingold).

Interactive Visualisation

A range of dashboard visualisation solutions available 

  • Collective exploration of the narratives

  • Contextual interpretation of the patterns emerging, and their significance / meaning.

Group results interpretation - Collective Navigator.jpg
Collective Navigator Purpose Diagram - black v2.png

Fully Integrated And Generative Feedback Loops

As a distinct differentiation to the 'one-off' survey capture approaches, the Sensemaking as Discourse approach is designed as an ongoing, dynamic platform, that supports the continuous evolution and learning of the collective.

'Rich Media' Sensemaking With Video Narratives

There are exciting horizons in how video narratives can play a role in the future of sensemaking, at both the discourse and developmental levels.

  • From portrait type videos (in partnership with

  • To journaling, interview and presentation video content.

Perennial Wisdom Video Narratives Landscape.jpg
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