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The world's largest hedgefund innovates on collective decision-making

Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates in the US has over the past 10 years already been a pionnering voice in management theory, with his initially self-published "Principles" book, fearturing in Kegan and Lahey's "DDO - Deliberately Developmental Organisations" book and now this TED Talk (April 2017) that remains somewhat controversial, on the future of radical transparency and algoritmic decision making support.

I have spoken with a consultant who for 2 years was working closely with the co-CEO and knew Ray...with some interesting insights into just how far has their 'Dot Collector' App gone in terms of adoption.

But herewith the TED link, it remains very thought provoking for me in terms of the context of the future distributed/networked organisations. So worth the watch!

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