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Sensemaking As Dialogue
Next Generation Social Sensemaking - Virtuous Cycles of Sharing Narratives

Free and spontaneous expression.

We minimise input biases (e.g. how the questions are framed), thanks to our open-ended prompts, and inviting the participants to express their reaction in free text, voice or video

Interactive interpretation and self-reflection

Through progressive steps of word cloud selection, sentence completion, title synthesis, and spatial trade-off prompts.

Real-time collective meaning making

Collective Navigator Purpose Diagram - b

Exploring macro patterns, with direct access to original narratives and context. Access to our interactive dashboards.

Screenshot 2019-09-13 at 10.34.03.png

Instantly explore clusters, outliers, connections and contextual meaning
Allowing for both the exploration of the unique contextual narratives AND the big picture trends

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